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Our experience

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What our clients say

“What a lovely class!!!

Donna teaches from the heart….  such a wonderful quality.  Very observant and takes the time to demonstrate so beautifully.

Donna explains the asanas in such a way after years of practice they can suddenly ‘click’

Thank you Donna and look forward to your next class”.

Sally A

“I love going to Donna’s yoga class at the end of a busy day, because I can come out relaxed, serene and feeling very proud of myself for doing some exercise.  I’m always touched by Donn’as enthusiasm, approach and willingness to share her knowledge.  She is a brilliant teacher!  I thoroughly recommend Donna’s yoga classes.”

Dr Sheila Patel – BDS MFGDP Dentist

Donna is welcoming, patient and adapts the class to suit all levels.  The classes have encouraged me to take up yoga again after a bad injury and I am also practicing at home.”

Frances Lui- IT Specialist

“Since taking Donna’s classes I have noticed  a vast improvement in my posture, well-being and energy levels.  I love here holistic approach and how she tailors her classes to the people that attend.  Donna uses not only her yoga skills but as a qualified NLP Practitioner, has shown me that a small adjustment to my work/life balance has shifted my attitude ad well-being to levels that i had only dream of.  I cannot rate her highly enough and I am sure you will too.  The time to make that change is now, so what are you waiting for?”

Sidney Cole – Actor

“Donna’s people centred nature is perfect for coaching. Her open and enthusiastic personality shone through in all my interactions with her, and she made me feel comfortable and at ease talking about my ‘stuff’. She knows what to say and how to say it to get you to move on and get on with things, with a positive and forward looking mind-set. I would highly recommend Donna as an inspirational wellbeing coach, who can help you get clear on your goals”.

Frahana Rashid – Women Aloud

“I have been taking Donna Noble’s Bikram yoga class for the past year. She is always an inspiration and her friendly approach makes even the most difficult classes a pleasure to take. Donna has provided so much support to me and her feedback and encouragement has been invaluable to me in improving my postures and stamina. Thank you Donna”.

Clodagh Tallon – Nurse

If you’re currently just bumbling along in life with no clear direction, then I highly recommend a NLP session with Donna to set you on your new path.

Jules Mackenzie – PR & Marketing Director

“Donna Noble has been my personal coach for the past two months and I already can see great results. Mindset, fitness and spiritual growth have been the major areas of development for me. Donna is dedicated, hardworking, always wanting to achieve the highest possible results for her clients. I can recommend Donna to anyone wanting to achieve personal growth, business success and also become healthier, fitter and a happier person.

Petia Jordan – Director

“There is a lot more to Donna than meets the eye. I am still getting to know her and have uncovered a real commitment to teaching yoga at its best. She is constantly striving to develop herself in ways that she can share with her students. Always open to ideas and feedback Donna is a great yogini. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Her teaching style is confident, attentive, caring and motivating”.

Richard Samson – Chartered Accountant