CurveSomeYoga is a body positive yoga class, self acceptance class  for all genders and fitness levels done in a relaxed and supportive environment.

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30-day online Challenge Feedback:

I’ve always been intrested in yoga, the bendy flexible skinny ladies all in pretty poses on the beach or in some other idilic location. Visually its striking, but with my wobbles and bumps I just didnt fit into this vision of yoga I had in my head. So when I saw Donna advertising her monthly challenge i thought i might as well give it a go considering it was all about the curves.
Day one passed, it was good, the thought of repeating the same moves again and again tho was in my head. Im very easily bored so the repition didn’t appeal to me.
However much to my suprise as the days went on It became less about the copying but more about letting my mind wonder as I relaxed into the poses, day by day letting my body go a little further.
I got hooked, living my little yoga hour as my toddler slept and I could relax into myself and let my mind wonder, a very welcome distraction and calming time of the day which even tho the challange is finished, I’m still doing.
The challange has compleatly changed my perception of yoga, its so much more than those beautiful images. Its about being able to relax and let go as well as training yourself to be flexible not only in your body but mind.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to open my eyes. C Davidson 


Hi Donna Noble

Its been just over a week now since the 30-day challenge officially ended but my mind & body is still gravitating to wanting to carry on with yoga – lol.

From the very first session I felt a difference – particularly in my posture. As you know, I deal with/cope with severe lower back pain issues & mobility issues, BUT, was & am so inspired by your passion for yoga, that I was motivated to at least give it a try.

So happy that I did.

I love it & how it makes me feel not just physically, but mentally also. Even calmer than before with a deeper sense of daily clarity, not to mention a little more energy. I feel my ‘core’ is slowly but surely getting stronger & although I still experience chronic migraines, they appear to last for lesser periods than before.

I am currently continuing with the yoga every other day whenever I can & am still enjoying it, enjoying this part of my journey.

For me personally, I was seeking something suitable for a larger sized body that would ultimately help me in terms of mobility, strengthening & center-ing my body & mind more … I do believe yoga will go a long way to achieving these goals…

Thank you for your inspiring passion, encouragement & support, from day one.

Much love.

Maureen Elizabeth Worrell






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