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Welcome to Curvesome Yoga

Have you ever wanted to try yoga, but have been afraid to do so?

Let me ask you, does any of this sound like you?

I am not flexible enough

I do not have the right body shape for Yoga

The thought of going into a yoga class scares me?

If this is you – don’t worry; I am here to help!

Here’s the big secret – Every Body is a Yoga Body!!

Going to Yoga may not help you achieve the perfect body, but it will transform your body in ways you may not have imagined.

When you come into the room, you come with your own reasons:

Some are after mind, body connection

Some are after improved health

Other use it to relieve the stresses and strains of their everyday life.

I have travelled overseas, studied various styles of yoga and have now developed my own yoga movement CurveSomeYoga.  Which is designed primarily for curvy individuals of any size and gender.

I will ensure that you are safe during your practice and a variety of modifications are available for everyone.

If you’re interested, even before stepping onto a yoga mat, download my free E-book, which dispels the myths surrounding yoga.

Ebook link ………….

Love and light

Donna “The Noble Yogi” Noble

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